Abereiddy Astronomical Society

TM20 Abereiddy Astronomical Society AAS EP

"It’s sometimes hard to recognise when it actually is Christmas. Especially when the recent spate of quality releases on the Touched Music label make it feel like presents are raining down upon us all. But I can assure you that time of year is upon us all once more and to make things extra festive is an EP from Abereiddy Astronomical Society.

Putting this on for the first time I turned my attention to other work, that which required concentration and little distraction. The first half of this EP greatly relaxed me, giving throwback feelings to teenage years listening to ambient works. You know something is successfully ambient enough when it’s non-intrusive but produced so well that you tend to notice every little detail without trying.

Completing my other tasks it was apparent to me that I’d not noticed the passage of time. Spinning it up again I thought of other releases with stellar themes - Tomita’s reworking of Holst’s The Planets, Aleksi Perälä’s Astrobotnia series, Stars Of The Lid - and realised I could easily be auditioning any part of one of them, not really caring about what I was listening to but at the same time contemplating greater things.

That’s the beauty of this EP, it’s a real concentration helper, something which is very welcome in a sea of musical output sometimes so complex that you feel you’d need some extra ear cells just to hear it properly. And just when I thought it couldn’t get more agreeable, a slew of remixes follow from the likes of B12, exm, Nonima, Floating Spirits, Surface 10, Tom Roberts and Touched Music founder Min-Y-Llan.

If anything this is going to be a fantastic and welcome way to drown out the noise of arguing families this coming week."

Words By Alexander Shum…

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