Covert ii EP

Label: Touched Music / De:tuned

ASGDE013 Anon Covert ii

De:tuned, Touched and some of the planet’s greatest electronic musicians have combined forces for an amazing cause on World Cancer Day 2017. The result is a unique piece and milestone: the first ever vinyl release ‘Various - Covert II’ for Touched - Music for Macmillan Cancer Support.

A mask of invisibility, anonymity serves to enhance the work for charity. De:tuned’s recent Brainbox compilation, the infamous Touched series and both their back catalogue of related prolific artists laid the foundations for ‘Covert II’ featuring 5 previously unreleased tracks offering a variety of cornish acidic sounds, playful structures and melodies that will take the listener on a journey into future worlds. All anonymous artists have contributed their music for free. Sheffield based influential graphic studio ‘The Designers Republic’, known for their highly distinctive work for labels such as Warp, generously offered their time and designed fitting artwork in their own fresh and recognizable style.

The Covert II EP has been professionally mastered and cut for free by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering to ensure the highest listening pleasure.

‘Covert II’ will be available as a limited 180gr vinyl release sold directly via Touched’s Bandcamp page with all proceeds donated to Macmillan Cancer Support. Your vinyl purchase includes a high-quality download and unlimited streaming via the free Bandcamp app and comes with a De:tuned & Touched sticker. The first 50 records will include a De:tuned ‘Brainbox’ MP3 download card.

De:tuned and Touched would like to thank all the artists, The Designers Republic and Matt at Alchemy Mastering for their contributions and support. Let the music take control!

“2016 was awful”. “OMG 2016 you just stop now?” “Worst year ever bae. Are you OK hun?”.
Get over it. Get over yourselves. 2017 is going to be fucking awesome. And I know it because I’m listening to the beginning of it right now. Celebrity’s die (boo hoo) but good music sticks around forever.

This is the best start to the year that I could have asked for really. Five absolutely quality tracks spanning a broad range of styles is going to be something I reach for again and again when any kind of rubbish rears its ugly head.

Like something out of one of Jacques Attali’s nightmares, modern times present and saturate us with pop, urban and three-chord singer-songwriter madness. It's Good to have a label like Touched around to drown out the incessant drone of Modern life.

Last year saw Touched release their first physical product in the guise of "Covert". It got everyone talking, wondering and arguing about who was on it. Well guess what - mystery artists are back and their coming to vinyl, Touched's first ever release on the format. Available as a limited run of NUMBER and the ever important digital release, the Covert II EP (ACTUAL NAME?) is a little taster of what's to come next on the Covert II full album, out later in 2017.

We're treated to a surprising start with the belter "Sharp As Usual". Great hints of rave and an unstopping rhythm make this instant dancefloor hit. Expect this to be played at any self-respecting night out. If it's not on the list then take a Walkman with you, the party's possibly going to be shit.

"Filmed Lipear" should be easily identifiable for what it is for those who are always happy to hear a remix of some of Electronica's biggest names. A great rework of a recent masterpiece, overlayed with almost uneasy BoC-like flourishes.

For some reason the next track sounds Finnish to me. Maybe it's the synths, maybe it's the beats, maybe it's my mind playing tricks on me but I guess we'll never really know. "Sol A r skies" gives a lot of attention to secondary rhythms that quickly becomes the dominant force.

Next up is a track that sounds very "you know who". Or does it? Is it? If it is then that's hands down amazing. Sounds so analogue you might grow vacuum tubes Out of your head.

Finally, "9a9a Ran" is twisted but never unpleasant. Reminds me of the odd syncopated style of Anthony Child's recent output, I'd find it hard to dance to but I'd give it a damn good try - I look like a prick at the best of times anyway. The beauty of this track is that you think there's nothing much to grab hold of until you realise that in reality it's grabbed you.

Get it. Get it now, there's really no reason not to start off 2017 with a bang.

Words by Alexander Shum

Digital: £4.99

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