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"I can't remember the last time I purchased something just based on the fact that it's a bunch of organised noises that in all likelihood I am going to have a good time with. But it was refreshing to know that I did get hold of something, not based on an artist name or previous knowledge of their works.

Welcome to "Covert", the latest in a string of quality releases from Touched - Music for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Listening to this makes me feel like a teenager going to electronic music nights again - but a teenager that's not allowed to know who's playing and has to wear a blindfold to the club. It's fun. It's a sixteen-track game of “Identify That Synth” and “Guess That Stab/Hook/Lead/Rhythm/Sample”.

But guessing is only half of the fun. This truly is quality, all the way through. Opening with a veritable squelch-fest which should have most of us nodding heads in recognition, this release never stops offering tunes you're going to play again and again.

Let me tell you it's infuriating at points when you have an idea of who a certain track is by, only to hear something in the next phrase which shatters all the illusions you'd built up of being a super-sleuth. But this only reinforces my long-held opinion that deep down it really doesn't matter who makes the electronic noise - what's important is that electronic noise is being made and it continues to evolve and shatter previous high-quality boundaries.

No release on the Touched label would be complete without a bit of name-dropping, but that's truly difficult here as I 80% don't have a clue who is responsible for what! Little birds of good authority have however recently found themselves on my shoulder so I wouldn't be surprised at all to find that Aphex Twin or say, Future Sound Of London or possibly Boards Of Canada have contributed. With the long, long list of previous contributors to this label you're certainly going to have a nice time seeing if you can work anything out.

But then, why bother? Sit back, turn it up to eleven and enjoy one of the best music releases this year, knowing you're listening to the work of some masters."

As always, proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Support - £31,000 raised and counting.

Words By Alexander Shum…

Digital: £6.99
CD: £7.99

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