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TM40 Weldroid End of Mission

To say it’s been a rollercoaster of a year for Touched Music would be inaccurate, as rollercoasters for the most part go in all directions. Instead, Touched and its ever-growing roster of artists has only ascended to great new heights and it’s been great to have you along for the ride.

If you did ever get on a rollercoaster that only ascended, forever and ever then you find yourself in space, which is exactly where the final release of 2017, by Weldroid (and pals) has come from. Just like the previous four seasons on Touched, ‘End Of Mission’ is a well-rounded offering that spans multiple styles and influences and ensures that you can end your year on a high note.

Aptly-named, the whole thing sounds like a transmission, it’s the docking of a long-lost flight and its eventual return home, bringing with it stories to tell for generations to come. Tracks like “Darkside” really ram this home. Technical ability and craftsmanship is all over the place, particularly shining through in tracks like “Nowehere Never”, ominous in tone and leaving me feeling pleasantly uncomfortable, seemingly underpinned by a single vocal sample that’s pretty haunting. Played sequentially, “One More Death Shouldn’t Matter” and “Pillow Fight Wounds” are two tracks that are bit-crushingly bold with two-step rhythms and steady yet evolving melodies holding everything together, it’s nice that they feature the same collaborator, they sound like 2 halves of the same track.

“Unbalanced” is a lovely moment of relaxation, the calm before the storm that is the final part, within which is contained the stand out moment of the album for me - ‘Free Spirit’. Those familiar with the 1989 Amiga/Atari ST Bitmap Brothers release “Xenon 2” will surely remember the fantastic soundtrack by ‘Bomb The Bass’. And that’s what this reminds me of - the noises, the rhythms, all the excitement of a thoroughly space-aged affair is there, but way more danceable and updated for the modern age.

Judging by what the last twelve months on Touched has given us in terms of musical experience I can only assume that for 2018, in the words of Otis Clay (or Yazz if you want to feel slightly classier) - that the only way is up!


Digital: £4.99
CD: £6.99

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