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"Holland & Scotland. Holland... and... Scotland. Not two countries that I often mention in the same context but there's a fitting reason for it this time, and that reason is Touched Music. Once again, your favourite label offers up the best electronic music - this time it's the best thing to come from each country since 'draadjesvlees' and 'Howtowdie wi Drappit Eggs' respectively.

Now both of those dishes are pretty tasty on their own, don't get me wrong. But if someone was to offer me them both up, mix them all together up and let them both attack my taste buds at the same time then I would be complaining even less. And that's what we have in the merging of exm and Mitoma. A perfect mash of meaty regional dishes, just injected directly into your ears.

It's isn't the first time this duo have teamed up and we're certainly glad it wasn't the last. For those who just don't have the time nor the inclination to sit through sixteen hours of Autechre's recent NTS sessions - this is just the thing for you.

This plays like one long set with extended pieces that flow into eachother perfectly. The level of detail is incredible and this is a jam session straight from the heart.

Opening with a gritty cowbell, if you concentrate hard enough you can just about tell the moment it disappears into chaos. And that's one of the beautiful things here; what at first appears chaotic is actually more ordered and well structured with each listen. Interlude tracks are peppered around to ease transitions without taking focus away from the onslaught.

My personal faovurite is the third piece, it's got a great cadence that's carried through the whole way without hesitation. Slappy claps, synocpated to the maximum punch through background whirls and twistedness. The level at which I choose to concentrate really alters the way I perceive this track.

The release will have as a limited-run of 50 Compact Disc copies in a DVD gate case with stunning artwork Designed By Daniel Glaser and as usual be available digitally from Touched Music. All I will say is that you had better have understanding neighbours."

Thoughts & Words From Alexander Shum

Digital: £6.99
CD: £8.99

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