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I know that 2018 is already two weeks old but let me reassure you that we haven’t forgotten about you. If anything it’s quite the opposite and artists have been hard at work contributing some amazing work for your pleasure & the cause.

And they really are amazing. Just looking at the artist list on this compilation makes my mouth water. We have something for everything here and I very much doubt it will disappoint.

As always, Touched is a shining beacon in the dark and having being built, they are certainly coming. From long-standing heroes such as Plaid, Future Sound of London - FSOL and Steven Rutter B12, Touched Music staples exm, Murya, Keiss and Min-Y-Llan, everybody joins together in the same dancehall.

It’s great to see relative and absolute newcomers to the Touched roster here too. 'Ariandne’s Labyrinth' makes an appearance after the outstanding release on Touched in late 2017 (go get it if you haven’t already), and we even have a contribution from ‘Brainwaltzera’, who made it to’s top ten album list of 2017.

Veteran artists Digitonal and Proem join forces and pool resources to top it all off with ‘r84d’, a new collaboration project that really doesn’t disappoint.

Just because I haven’t mentioned everybody else here doesn’t make them any less awesome, all I can say is that every one of the thirty-one contributors are going to make you happy. Even though the whole thing is a pleasure, there are some stand out pieces for me which I keep on going back to.

It makes me happy that after an announced break in 2017 from releasing under the moniker Carbinax he throws something fantastic in my face with “Tiger By The Tail”. It’s full of elements that really define the growing popularity of electronica in the last 5 years and is a real treat.

Murya’s “Scientist” is an Icelandic fresh wind that knocks me sideways. I did not expect to be rocking back and forth to the sound of a table-tennis ball this week, but I am. “Origin Flows By FSOL” is a real Braindance track and could easily have lived on the original Rephlex compilation of the same name as could “Koch Islands” by ‘Ruxxpin’ that is going straight on repeat with its awesome harmony and cadences.

There’s a couple of pieces here that we’ve seen before on previous releases, both Touched and otherwise. Bauri’s “Hugs” sees its first ever CD and digital release after fourteen years having first appeared on the Expanding Records 7” ‘Have No Fear’, and it still sounds as fresh as ever.
Both “Relais a9i ii6” and “Reindeer” by exm and Plaid respectively appeared on Touched 3 but the former has been reworked for this compilation and the latter is something that is very dear to our hearts here at Touched so it warranted inclusion again.

It’s nice to know that in the digital age of music distribution that a CD compilation still has its place and this release admirably demonstrates that. It’s just designed for physical interaction with beautifully-designed artwork on both the large case and the two discs themselves.

As an afterthought, Andrew Course’s opener “Until Morning” makes the above list for a reason I didn’t really appreciate until I played the disc for the first time, rather than queuing up some files. Having inserted it into a player and walking away, I realised it couldn’t be more perfect for an opening piece if it tried. It’s an introductory piece with such a pleasant rise that you have plenty of time to turn your back on the speakers and either sit down or go back to what you were doing, without getting a shock from things kicking off before you were ready for them. It’s a little thing, but something I just couldn’t have experienced with a digital release.

But even with just 100 copies available, the experience isn’t made any less special by supporting Touched Music with the digital release so go ahead and get your copy now!

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