Luv EP

Floating Spirits

TM21 Floating Spirits LUV EP

"Touched Music seems to have a habit of giving us festive presents early and this is no exception.. With Valentine’s Day nearly upon us it’s hard to imagine this as anything but the musical equivalent of a dozen red roses. My ears started the day single and now they’ve been romanced by quite a stunning little recording.

‘Luv’ by Floating Spirits is the latest release on Touched to benefit the fantastic Macmillan Cancer Support. Perfect for watching the world go by, scattered with rhythms to make you roll through your day.

Blended sounds and rich timbre, but still enough crispness in the melody to punch through and make your head bounce around.

The only bad thing about this release is the fact it’s an EP and not a full album. It’s never pleasant when something this good ends and this is certainly on that’s going to make you reach for the repeat button."

"I give my thanks to:
Tam, Pini, & the rest of my Section 27 brothers n sisters.
Melodia Castillo for all her YouTube support.
All who support the underground music scene.
Martin for giving me this wonderful opportunity to donate to this cause."
~Floating Spirits

Artwork By Florence Meuleman
Words by Alexander Shum

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