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TM34 Monoform Mea Culpa

"Monoformʼs contribution to Touched Music may be titled with an admission of guilt, but let me assure you heʼs done no wrong with what heʼs created here; quite the opposite.

Ten very well mixed and balanced pieces make up ‘Mea Culpaʼ, and itʼs truly a joy to listen to. ‘Introxʼ has an ambience about it, misleadingly so as itʼs not representative of the rest of the album. It blends well into ʼMinor Detourʼ which is just that; itʼs a well-thought track that ups the pace before a lesser-temped ‘Cerebralʼ

Iʼm captivated by the next four pieces, itʼs easy to sit back and hear them all as separate movements of the same concerto. These could easily have been labeled “Track Parts One Through Four” and I wouldnʼt have thought any differently.

A darker note is adopted for the penultimate track and finally weʼre offered more of the same ambience that the whole thing kicked off with. Itʼs so well executed that you could just hit “Repeat All” and do it all again without a care in the world.

One of the most enjoyable things about this album is its structure and flow, something that appears to be a defining feature of the music coming out on Touched. ‘Mea Culpaʼ isnʼt just good noise, it tells a story and lets you experience it. Maybe Monoformʼs guilty conscience is down to the fact he stopped at ten tracks? In any case Iʼll be happy to hear whatʼs up his sleeves for next time."

Digital: £5.99

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