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It’s nice to listen to something that lets you daydream (although my boss might disagree). Mental pictures of a poor little future-detective wandering the streets of an acid-wonderland trying to solve a case that’s actually only in his head, spaghetti western standoffs on alien planets; it’s odd little mental tangents that can only come when one experiences appropriate stimulus.

In this case it’s the album “The Breath” by artist Keiss, and what a treat it is that Touched Music has brought us, helping to welcome the Spring into our lives.

Here we have an album that has its structure clearly defined, both as an overall work and individually as tracks. The musicality is superb - pace has been upheld in a flawless fashion and each piece of music is a little story in itself with clear boundaries and timelines.

There’s so much going on sonically that it’s truly hard to put fingers on favourite parts; it’s reminiscent of so many thing musically held dear to me over the years. As I listen it’s hard not to pick up on feelings of Braindance, all the best lushness of late 90s trance tracks that come through in the pads (but with a lot less cheese), Posthuman-like long glides which give some tracks a true 'Syn Emergence' feel and it’s all fused together with mature and well-defined rhythms throughout that could sometimes be mistaken for the 'Astrobotnia' project by Aleksi Perälä.

This is the kind of music that will make you be able to justify all the money you spent on the expensive speakers and all the hours you spent mucking around with their placement in order to get the perfect image. It fills your space with a lush onslaught of sound that manages to remain completely balanced but really punch you in the guts with mid-range flair - expect some goosebumps.

Digital: £4

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