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Next up on Touched is a lovely oferring from Cylan.

Following on from a lovely bunch of work on the Polybonk net label, "The Fealds" feels exactly like that - a stroll through dreamscape meadows and lush electric countryside that does nothing short of take both your breath and your worries away. 

I feel it's been hard to get away with ambient work in recent years, what with an often-increasing sense of complexity in the output of electronic artists but Cylan gets away with it masterfully.

Having fully enjoyed the synthesised wonder that was the soundtrack to Netflix's recent extravaganza "Stranger Things", I've once again been happily pulled into the beauty that is synth-driven rolling music. 

There's something very natural about this release. Nothing is forced, everything evolves as it should. This easily takes its place in the go-to selection of ambience for when you absolutely need to concentrate. 

Yet again all proceeds go to Macmillan Cancer Support, grab your copy today and help out this fantastic cause.

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